Fifty-five year old Anna Mercer stood and looked out the window as her mind drifted to a memory as clear as her favourite view out the back window of their home. It had revealed lush green rolling hills, sprinkled with wild flowers in summer; a multi-colored patchwork quilt in fall; and blanket of sparkling white in winter. The beautiful view had continued unmarred for miles, framed by thick woods that added their own distinct dimension. Anna gladly yielded to the warmth it generated, but tears soon followed and spilled down her cheeks. Yet the comfort continued to embrace her—she’d had no time for this welcome indulgence as six months earlier, her husband Jerry had died of cancer and she had just sold their home of thirty-seven years.

Charlene Reid pens a whimsical work of fiction in A Paper Bag for Anna. With the tragic loss of her husband Jerry Mercer to cancer, Anna finds herself coming to terms with her new life after him. A Paper Bag for Anna compiles wholesome and sensitive messages reflecting the love of family, tender romantic relationships, marriages, and most importantly, exploring a faithful Christian’s connection to God.

A Paper Bag for Anna shows tremendous courage. Anna is compassionate and devoted to her family and friends she meets along the way, sharing a prime example of God’s love. A Paper Bag for Anna is hopeful and uplifting, delicately weaving the moments of life to contribute to Anna’s transformation and evolution.

Anna Mercer settles into her new life as a widow after 37 wonderful years of marriage to Jerry. Married at 18 she remembers no other life before him. With the help and support of her four adult children and her faith she has sold the family home and moved into a small retirement home. A new friendship blossoms with her neighbour and grief is less burdensome with each new day. As Christmas approaches however, she begins to feel a strong sense of dread. But keeping family traditions she feels is going to see her through.

This is a powerful story of family, traditions and an unrelenting love that stands the test of time.
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